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Scales graphite
Spherical graphite
Artificial graphite
Graphite milk

Variety: Scales graphite,
Specification: 45 μm-500 μm grain(325 m-35) carbon content 85-93 %
Performance: Scales complete structure, excellent physical and chemical properties, good temperature resistance, self-lubricating, thermoelectric conductivity, thermal shock resistance
Sex, corrosion resistance and other properties.
Uses: Advanced refractory materials and coatings widely used in the metallurgical industry, pencil cores in light industry, carbon brushes in the electrical industry, electrodes in the battery industry, and catalysts in the fertilizer industry. Scaly graphite has been deeply processed and can produce graphite milk, graphite paper, graphite sealing materials and other graphite products, becoming an important non-metallic mineral raw material for various industrial sectors.


HDN17 is a natural spherical graphite with conventional particle size. After strict grading control and advanced spheroidization technology, the product has a reasonable particle size distribution, a spheroidal ellipse shape, and is suitable for solid phase carbonization cladding and other modification methods of asphalt and other organic systems. It can be used as a negative electrode material for a volumetric lithium ion battery. It has the characteristics of high capacity, long life, and high compaction density of battery electrode.


Artificial graphite
In a broad sense, all graphite materials obtained through organic carbonization and graphation at high temperatures can be called artificial graphite, such as carbon fiber, pyrolysis carbon, foam graphite, etc.. In the narrow sense, artificial graphite usually refers to massive solid materials made from Carbonaceous raw materials with low impurity content as aggregates, coal asphalt, etc., which are made by processes such as ingredients, mixing, molding, carbonization, and graphitization. Graphite electrodes, isostatic graphite, etc..


Forged graphite milk
Variety: MD series
Performance: ideal high temperature lubrication, adhesion, easy to die, chemical stability, no corrosion, no toxicity, improved molding quality, significantly extended die life.
Purpose: It is an ideal high-temperature demolding lubricant in thermal processing of black and non-ferrous metals. It is widely used in forging and metal die pressing industries. Our new development and development of a kind of white lubrication demolding agent for the Foundry industry, with the same properties as graphite milk, its white lubricant is an environmentally friendly product, turned into a liquid at 600-900 degrees Celsius, fluidity is good, for liquid lubrication, easy demolding, Graphite milk is solid lubrication.


Used to make graphite crucibles, graphite is commonly used as a protective agent for steel ingots, and the inner lining of metallurgical furnaces

Photovoltaics industry

The heat system of a monocrystalline furnace is the whole system for melting silicon and keeping a single crystal growing at a certain temperature.

High temperature metallurgical industry

Powder metallurgical processes, such as the production of cemented Carbide, are usually made of graphite materials into graphite boats for molding and sintering

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